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We have had enough of every third thing coming out of his mouth serving the goals of the terrorists, like ISIS. We have had enough of every lie and excuse and contradiction...We have had enough of the constant whining and bleating about how everything has been fixed and rigged against this man, to whom the difficulties of inheriting a fortune and a business are the equivalent of the bigotry against African-Americans.The angry white male Trump voter wants his country back.

“This is a requirement that has gradually been worn away by the unyielding tidal ebb and flow of gossip, rumor and people pretending that its OK to report something demonstrably not true, simply because somebody told them it was true, and they have mistaken the fact that somebody told it to them for ‘truth,'” Olbermann continued.

She is a day-side anchor for MSNBC and host of the program MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall.

Hall is also a co-host of Today's Take, the third hour of Today.

KEITH OLBERMANN: This campaign (unique in American history since at least the civil war, and if we are fortunate, it will be unique for another thousand years) has been framed by the media as by and large the anger of those who feel themselves, if not disenfranchised, at least excluded from the control of the nation their fathers and grandfathers once dominated, because they had built the playing field, and had not only tilted the playing field towards themselves, but had filled the other end with land mines, to disempower the minorities and the women.

The angry white male Trump voter would rather burn it down than accept Hillary Clinton.

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