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Like Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship wasn't public knowledge enough, they've just gone and made it Insta-official with a loved up pic. The photo, posted to friend Britany Maack's feed, shows Ryan sitting alongside the new couple with his wife Blake Lively, with an expression pertaining to pure inner anguish. Is the cringe-factor making you want to get up and run into the sea? The pair have had a busy few weeks, first visiting Tom's parents, then vay-caying in Rome and now taking a trip to Rhode Island for their Fourth of July celebrations.

But the best thing about the photo isn't the lap-sitting or the cute kissing. Twitter reacted to the photo hilariously, with users saying Ryan is "in hell" and that he "needs saving"... Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift's relationship has been going from strength to strength since they broke the internet last month when they were snapped kissing on a beach. But for their most recent outing, Tom made a real statement by wearing an 'I Love T. You know what they say: if your T-shirt says it, it must be true.

They've only been dating for a few weeks but Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have already sparked engagement rumours… It's not a publicity stunt."Tom has just been nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in but remained tight-lipped on whether or not Taylor will be his date at the ceremony in September.

Does this mean a "Hiddleswift "wedding is on the cards? with co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, have seen their relationship shrouded with conspiracy ever since that very public display of affection on the beach. It's not a publicity stunt," he told : "That notion is, look, the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we're very happy. When asked if he knows who he will bring, Tom said: "I don't.

This doesn't altogether sound like a unreasonable request, considering the couple have already travelled round the world together and consummated their love via numerous cheesy Instagram shots, but Swift has never made a red carpet appearance with a boyfriend before."Tom wants their relationship to be public, even asking Taylor to go to the Emmys with him, but Taylor wants to keep her private life private," a source told the .

"Tom's need for their relationship to be so public so quickly makes her uncomfortable."She tried to be OK with it in the beginning but fears he is in love with the idea of her and not falling in love with her for the right reasons."The pair got together not long after she split from Calvin Harris back in June."Taylor is an independent young woman and doesn't feel like she needs a boyfriend to make her complete," the source continued.

exclusively revealed photos of the pair kissing on the beach.

They agreed to end the relationship over the phone a few weeks later."Who knows?

We look forward to hearing Swift's side of the story when she will inevitably release a cryptic song about it.

Phillip Schofield thinks he has the Intel that confirms Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship is a sham.'s Schofield has insider news that offers further amo and it's all to do with that regrettable "I love Taylor Swift' t-shirt Hiddlestone recently wore."I was talking to someone yesterday that knows him very well and he would not do that, the T-shirt..." said Schofield.

"She's leading everyone on."Talking on This Morning yesterday with showbiz host, Rylan Clark Neal, he later conceded that maybe the vest was motivated by rose-tinted spectacles."Maybe you do crazy things when you're in love," he said.

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Are Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston running into trouble already?

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